Managing your Pet

Your PixelPal will be your virtual companion that requires to be fed and played with. Every pet will have the following layers of progression:

  1. Time of Death

  2. Pet Points

  3. Pet Level

You can feed your pet different types of food via accessing the shop. Each food item will output differing values of TOD and Pet Points.

  • Food items cannot be stored for future consumption (i.e. no inventory system). Buying >1 qty of food will be auto consumed by the pet.

You can also harvest crops from your garden, which will give you TOD and Habitat Value and Pet Points (though scaled to be lower than purchased in the shop).

Time of Death

Time of Death, or TOD, is the timer to which the pet will remain alive.

  1. Every pet will begin with a TOD of 1 day.

  2. The maximum TOD any pet can have is 3 days.

    • Consumption of additional items will not increase TOD beyond 3 days.

  3. When TOD reaches 0, the pet will die but the NFT will not be burnt.

  4. It is possible to kill a pet by overconsuming negative TOD items (e.g. soju, beer).

  5. Base layer progressions (i.e. pet points and levels) will not be impacted by TOD reaching 0.

    • Users however cannot interact with game modules and shop modules when TOD is 0.

    • Users can purchase revival potions to continue with their game progression.

Pet Points

Pet Points govern the user's placement in the leaderboard. Pet Points can be gained through consuming in-game food items or harvesting crops from the garden.

Pet Level

Every pet will have a level, which is governed by experience points (XP). Every 1 minute of pet survival time will output 1 XP. XP will not increase when the pet is dead (i.e. TOD = 0).

  • Levels 1 ~ 10 will require 300 XP to level up.

  • Level 10~100 will require 700 XP to level up.

  • All pets will start at Lv.1 and max level will be capped at Lv.100 for season 1.

Users will be able to earn rewards as they progress through the levels, though the rewards will be different based on whether a user holds a PixelPass or not.

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