Level Milestones

As you progress through the levels, you will be able to unlock level milestone rewards (DecoBoxes). The cadence for output is every 5 levels, and the rewards come in two tiers:

  • PixelPass rewards

  • Normal rewards

Users are able to purchase or redeem their PixelPass by clicking on the pass inside their profile page. PixelPass will grant users a greater reward quantity per milestone.

You will only be eligible for PixelPass rewards from the level that you purchased onwards. For example:

  • You are currently at level 1 without a PixelPass.

  • You reach level 39.

  • You purchase a PixelPass at level 39.

  • You will not be eligible for PixelPass rewards from level 1~39, but eligible from level 40~100.

Note that users are unable to redeem rewards from both tiers at any point in time during the level progression - i.e. you cannot claim both the normal tier reward and a PixelPass reward (prevents retroactive claiming).

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