Fiat Onramp MNT -> Swap to USDT

  1. Open your particle wallet inside the game and press 'Buy'.

  1. Select the amount and currency of your choice.

  1. Select Transak as the service provider for the onramp.

  1. Choose your desired payment method on the checkout page.

  1. Complete a short KYC from Transak to proceed.

  1. Confirm your payment by fulfilling with the payment gateway.

  1. You will get an email notification from Transak once the transfer has been processed. Observe from your particle wallet that $MNT has been credited.

  1. Add the Mantle Bridged USDT token to your wallet by pressing the + button and choosing custom token (0x201eba5cc46d216ce6dc03f6a759e8e766e956ae).

  1. Utilize the 'Swap' button inside the wallet to swap your $MNT to Mantle Bridged $USDT on Mantle.

  1. Observe $USDT credited in your account.

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