Game Rules

Core Gameplay

  1. Once a match is found, each user faces one another on the board with a starting HP of 100.

  2. Five cards are randomly drawn from each user’s deck and placed face-down

  3. Round 1 begins

    • The first card is flipped for both users.

    • HP of each pet is recalibrated based on the cards drawn (attack, defense, special ability)

    • User who has initiated the Duel can select one of the following options

      1. Check

        • Proceed to opening the next card

      2. Fold

        • Walk away by losing only half of the current wager

      3. Double

        • Double the current wager

        • If doubling the wager will exceed the max wager tolerance set by the opponent, the game will proceed as a check

    • Users will have 10 seconds to act upon each round; failure to do so will result in a check

  4. Iterates until round 5

    • Note that the game will end before round 5 if either the user or opponent health reaches 0 before reaching the last round


When the match is complete, users will be able to either gain or lose Pet Points only to the amount that they have wagered. For example, if a user has wagered 100 Pet Points in the game, the maximum win or loss from the game is capped at 100 Pet Points.

Card Play Considerations

The opponent always makes the first move when it comes to card vs. card play.

  • Attack vs. attack

    • Remove HP from each player respectively

  • Attack vs. defend

    • If |attack| > |defend|, remove net value of HP

    • If |attack| < |defend|, no removal of HP

  • Defend vs. defend

    • No removal of HP

  • Special ability vs. attack/defend

    • Play sequentially (opponent first, then user)

  • Special ability vs. special ability

    • Play sequentially (opponent first, then user)

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