Duel is the main PvP game module where you can engage in battles with other PixelPals. Duels are essentially a 5 round turn-based card game, where you have the option to check, fold, or double your wager based on the outcome of each round.


PixelCards form the basis of the Duel game, and there are three types of cards in cirulcation:

  • Attack cards - lowers enemy HP

  • Defense cards - counters enemy attack cards

  • Special ability cards - triggers special events

All cards are attributed with a specific rarity from the following tiers:

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Super Rare

There is an initial supply of 24 variations of PixelCards, with more to be added.

PixelCards also exist in two forms within the game:

  • Non-NFT

  • NFT (ERC-1155)

NFT cards can be obtained via opening card packs from the shop & can be burnt to upgrade the rarity tiers and be traded on secondary markets. NFT cards are distinguished from the normal cards with a shining effect applied on the front.

Collection & Deck

All users will start with a standard set of 10 cards in their deck. Every user must have a configured deck of 10 cards at any point in time while obeying the following rules:

  • Minimum 4 attack cards

  • Minimum 4 defense cards

  • Free to choose 2 cards

If you have more than 10 cards in possession, the excess gets moved into the collection. You are able to customize your deck by swapping cards between your collection and your deck.

Burn to Earn

When you have an excess number of cards, you have the option to burn 5 NFT cards of the same tier to receive a 25% chance of obtaining 1 NFT card from the next rarity tier.

Note that the burning of cards mean that the NFTs are burnt regardless of the outcome.

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