Linking your Account

PixelPals supports the linking between your Particle wallet and a valid ETH address / MocaID.

Linking your ETH Address

Your can input your ETH address on the Pet Profile page, with the purposes of a) claiming your $MON tokens on the ETH Mainnet and b) supporting any third party guild integration. Please ensure that you strictly input your own ETH address in this field.

  1. Open up the Pet Profile page and click on 'Link'

  2. Enter your ETH address (copy paste supported)

Linking your MocaID

PixelPals supports the integration with MocaID, along with related perks for MocaID users.

  1. Open up the Pet Profile page and click on 'Link'

  2. Press Connect for MocaID

  3. Complete the login or signup via the browser popup.


The popup for MocaID link may not appear in cases whereby the browser blocks your popup.

  • For troubleshooting on web, please refer to the guide Troubleshooting Guide

  • From troubleshooting on mobile, please ensure that you have disabled the popup blocks from your phone's browser settings.

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