Funding your Wallet

In PixelPals, the primary currency to which actions can be taken is $USDT on Mantle. You are able to top up $USDT in your in-game wallet via two main ways:

Bridge on Mantle and Send USDT

  • Bridge on Mantle Network >> swap to $USDT if required >> send to Particle wallet

    1. Bridge your non custodial wallet on Mantle (e.g. your own Metamask)

    2. Get some USDT on mantle L2 by using swap providers.

    3. Send across the bridged mantle USDT to your particle wallet address (contract for bridged mantle USDT: 0x201eba5cc46d216ce6dc03f6a759e8e766e956ae)

      1. You are automatically assigned to a Particle wallet upon creating an account. Please check in the 'Wallet' tab within the game.

    4. Add 'custom token' inside your Particle wallet with the same contract address (0x201eba5cc46d216ce6dc03f6a759e8e766e956ae)

    5. You should be able to see your balance reflected in both game UI and Particle UI.

Onramp Fiat

Third Party Swaps

  • Utilize third party swap platforms to swap directly from L1 to Mantle-bridged USDT in your wallet.

Ensure that you are selecting USDT on the Mantle chain and inputting your Particle Network's Mantle address as the recipient.

Disclaimer: PixelPals will not be liable for any issues encountered while using an external swap platform, including but not limited to loss of funds or failure on third-party protocol(s).

When funding your wallet, please ensure that you have bridged to the Mantle network and that the funds are moving on the Mantle chain.

All transactions that occur within PixelPals are gas-free - which does not require you to hold $MNT balance for the payment of gas fees.

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