Welcome to PixelPals Season 0, proudly presented to you by Pixelmon and Mantle.

PixelPals at its core is a pet management game, but offers much more than just a Tamagotchi experience. In PixelPals, you will be able to actively manage your Habitat - the biome wherein your pet resides - and engage in farming activities to increase your Habitat Value.

We also offer a competitive prize pool starting at $120,000 USDT, which is bound to grow based on every transaction conducted inside the game (which are gas-free for users). The USDT reward will be given out to the players who finish within top 100 on the Pet Leaderboard at the end of the season.

You can also farm and decorate your habitat to gain Habitat Value, which will be tied to $MON token distribution. The individual allocation will be based on the Habitat Value ranking at the end of the season (#Farm2Farm Ranking).

Regardless of ranking, however, everyone who participates in Season 0 of PixelPals will be eligible for $MON rewards!

Join PixelPals today and be a part of our growing community!

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